It might appear boring to keep an eye on the walls. However, aside from making sure that your house looks great, maintaining your paint also keeps the ceilings and walls in excellent shape.  


Here are a couple of indications to look for if you are wondering if it is time to hire a professional for exterior painting Newport Beach: 

Mold and Mildew 

Mildew and mold influence places where it is poorly ventilated or damp. If you just paint over these areas, the mold will simply keep on growing under the fresh coat.  

You can find mold in wooden sidings of windows and doors. Also, you can find it near any leaks, in poorly ventilated areas, and by gutters. Though special products can act as a temporary solution, getting rid of the mold and repainting the spot is the ideal answer.  

Outdoor Paint Chalking 

Chalking is found commonly in exterior paints since exposure to sun and age deteriorates and weakens the binder that holds the paint. This will result in a chalk-like powder that covers the exterior side of the wall. All exterior paint will be weakened over time. This means that a new coat of paint is required. A lot of experts recommend maintaining the exterior every 3 up to 7 years. The reason for this is that the job becomes bigger if you neglect it for too long.  

Hardened Caulking 

The waterproof filler created to expand over time is called caulking. Constant exposure to severe weather can ruin caulking. This will result in hardening. It may be time to contact a professional if you find it feels rigid to touch. In addition to that, it might be an excellent idea to schedule another soon. This depends on the date of your previous repaint.  

Cracking and Peeling 

This is not possible to overlook. Cracking or peeling means it is time for a paint job. In general, the issue happens whenever water vapor collects in between the paint and the structure. This separates the coating from the surface until it peels away. Typically, peeling paint can be a sign of a poorly ventilated room or a leak. Thus, you’ve got to be cautious of this problem while fixing it. You’ve got the same issue if you see cracks in your exterior paint. This can be the result of paint flaking and chipping off from the ceilings and the walls. This will leave flakes of old paint on the floors.  

Outdated and Fading Color 

It is possible that your paint job is fading if your house happens to be situated under the sun. UV rays can break down the paint over time. This will result in fading paint. They’re a lot darker if you compare unexposed areas in your house to those affected by the UV rays. Perhaps, it is time for a repaint. Also, darker shades of paint have a tendency to fade a lot faster.  

When it comes to repainting your walls, do not hesitate to contact a professional painting contractor.